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The Future of Work

We can see it everywhere these days. Flexible working hours, remote working and attractive employee perks. There seems to be a transition in how we work together and how productivity and efficiency are evaluated.

These conundrums gave birth to the question as how the future workplace will look like and which characteristics you should bring in order to stay on top of the game.

Because, gone are the dark ages, where you’d only show up to work to get a paycheck. At least that’s what we’ve heard…

A New Human Resource Strategy for the millenials

Today’s workforce values the potential for future growth and good leadership more than money, as a study by the American Conference board shows. And if you don’t believe them, just ask yourself.

It gets even more vital as estimates suggest, that the future supply and retention of Human Resources will be at the heart of a firm's competitive edge. For the future workforce, a job is not only a job, it’s also their life and leaders need to accommodate for that.

Don´t fear the machines, they´re here to help

With Artificial Intelligence continuing its quest to (maybe) take over the world, a lot of middle management tasks will be conducted by technology in the near future.

This will leave leaders in the fortunate position to focus on more important stuff, like, you know, employee satisfaction and engagement.

What skills do we need in the future?

Research shows that teams perform better in the presence of a diverse pool of social skills, rather than technical expertise. Essentially it's about collaboration, peeps. Don't get confused though, technical skills like coding and other software related activities will still be high in demand. The future workforce will need a hybrid skill set of social, higher cognitive and technological expertise, which are mostly skills, that can not (yet) be performed by machines. So, be human!

Collaboration gets more important

And last but not least, the way we work is likely to change. Companies will move to team and project based work. McKinsey reports, that companies who adopted a team based work, experienced a strong boost in productivity, if they match the right people with the right jobs. The Dutch banking group, 3M and BMW are just three of the numerous advocates for this „agile” model.

We hope, you can gain some insights from our first blog post. Feel free to give a quick feedback.

Stay tuned,

Anton from team Leaty.

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