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Leadership for Uncertainty. The future is uncertain, yet we try to predict the uncertainty. What if, instead, we try to prepare us for this uncertainty? How can we lead to an uncertain world?

Leaders are doubting themselves.

According to Accenture’s Disruptability Index, 63% of global CEO‘s feel that their company is currently being disrupted. The number of innovations, piercing more and more markets are increasing and while incumbents still have the lead, they feel as if they are just one new Startup away from being “Blockbustered” by the new Netflix.

This number sparked my interest, so I went on and interviewed around 20 CEO’s and Managers to better understand their doubts regarding their companies future.

Here are my two insights:

  • They are losing their understanding, regarding the employees they lead and the market they are in.

  • Leadership needs to change rapidly in order to keep up with the fast-changing employee and market needs.

We use technology to help us understand everything better - except for us.

Technology-enhanced decision making changed the game in almost every business-related sector: From business analytics and corporate strategy to sales and customer success, those who won’t follow adapt will be left behind quickly. We put so much money into technologies that help us make better decisions, but we still use the same old ways when it comes to leadership decisions. This is horrific considering the average manager, who wastes around $ 11.000,00 annually with inefficient practices, such as finding the right resource for the task at hand. The weak link is not the data - every company has it - the bottleneck are the tools managers use to draw on it. Today, in 2019, we rely on employee evaluation reports and HR-tools resembling Spreadsheet 2.0. Yet we wonder why Word-of-Mouth is the go-to tool to make career and staffing decisions.

We spend 41 Billion Dollars every year on Business Software, yet we still lead our employees the same way we did, two decades ago.

The role of the Leader has changed from managing to enabling. In his keynote, Jim Whiteburst, CEO of Red Hat, says "Planning as we know it is dead." Leadership is about building greater agility into your company, to be able to react, rather than guessing what the future is going to be.

Your organization needs to react faster, which means you need to lead your employees so they can react faster.

Leadership is changing and it requires tools embracing this change. Niels Ahrengot, Founder & Partner at Implement Consulting Group in Denmark, advocate “everybody is a leader!” and while that is true and works great, it still leads us to question this statement’s applicability in today’s organization? Most tools and processes focus on enabling better decision making for the person in charge because we will always need one person to be in charge of those executive decisions. Almost every HR tool today is providing data and grand lists of X and Y’s with job titles. Although the truth is, a leader in its natural habitat makes a decision differently, based on the little black-box, others call their “sub-consciousness.

So, why are we bombarding Leaders with Business Analytics, Charts, and HR-reports, when in fact they want Insights and Recommendations?

HR technology helps you to manage better - Leadership technology helps you to enable others. And while we wait for the technology market to provide us with Lead-Tech, just like, here are some practices to implement Leadership for Uncertainty today:

  1. Transparency: Data is king - Information is key. If everyone knows of the good and ugly, they can act autonomously to support the overall!

  2. Inclusion: A CEO, an Intern, and a Customer sit at the bar… what starts of as a Joke, fresh of the Silicon Valley, is actually a reality we all should aspire to. Make communication a two-way street if you want to understand your company and market better.

  3. Connect: The times are past where the Leader does it all. The best Leader is surrounded by people that are better in every other way, except for connecting people through a vision. These were not my words, though, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that two experts come up with better solutions than one generalist.

Thank you for taking the time! I am Levi Yosef, Founder, and CEO of Leaty, a tool that helps you connect your employees with relevant opportunities around them, using data that is ignored by most HR-Tools out there - Psychometrics.

Leave a comment and challenge or endorse my thoughts - what is your view on Leadership in this uncertain world? Which tools do you know that enter this new field of LeadTech?

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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